DSE provides land surveying and civil engineering services necessary to transform vacant land into developed lots. These services will include:
  • Boundary Survey of the property
  • Topographic Survey as required for preparation of the plans.
  • Resubdivision plan necessary for submittal to the local governing authority.
  • Preparation of necessary ordinances and applications.
  • Preparation of the Civil Engineering plans for construction of roadways, drainage facilities, sewer lines, water mains, street lighting, and roadway signage.
  • Coordination of approval of the engineering plans.
  • Coordination of permit applications for Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.
  • Preparation of bid documents.
  • Survey control layout for construction of the improvements.
  • Periodic site visits during construction as required to assess the progress of the work.
  • Preparation of record drawings.
  • Establishment of survey control points in the completed subdivision.


  • Drainage Design for commercial developments. This includes the site grading plan, subsurface drain lines, rainfall runoff, and detention calculations.
  • Site Design for commercial developments. This includes plans for building and parking arrangements. Paving plans are prepared for concrete or asphalt pavement.
  • Sewer plans: Some developments do not currently have public sewer. Plans can be prepared for construction of gravity or pressure sewer lines that will tie the site to the nearest public sewer system.

Subdivision and development plans often involve coordination between many entities such as various parish offices, developers and contractors. DSE has the experience to coordinate this effort by submitting necessary permits and fielding questions from the various entities. Please contact us if you have any questions about our civil engineering services.

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