BOUNDARY SURVEY: A Boundary Survey will be provided in accordance with the Louisiana Standards for Property Boundary Surveys. The survey will include monumentation of the property corners and location of the existing structures on the property.

ALTA SURVEY: ALTA Surveys will be provided in accordance with the requirements of ALTA/ACSM. Optional items will be provided as indicated in the survey request.

ELEVATION CERTIFICATES: Elevations for flood insurance will be furnished on the current FEMA Elevation Certificate.

BUILDER’S PACKAGE: A Builder’s Package will provide several of the services needed for construction of a new home or commercial building. Typical services could include:

  • a Boundary Survey
  • a construction benchmark
  • an elevation of the top of forms
  • a revised survey to show form location
  • a Slab Elevation Certificate after pouring of the concrete slab
  • a Finished Construction Elevation Certificate


“NO WORK” AFFIDAVIT: A “No Work” Affidavit is provided prior to the start of construction. It is intended to state that work has not started, and that materials have not been delivered to the site.

TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEYS: In addition to a Boundary Survey, a “Topo” Survey could include location of all visible features on the property, ground elevations at a specified grid, information on adjacent roadways, and information on utilities serving the property.

CONSTRUCTION LAYOUT: Construction staking of buildings, roadways, utilities, pilings, etc.


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